A Volunteer Programme

We are changing lives, opening doors, exploring new opportunities and you can help.

In return if you do visit us we can introduce you to the simple village life and the sort of food that has made Thai cuisine famous world wide.

Nong Prue Thailand

We can make a reservation for you at one of the local resorts. Standard rooms with aircon and hot water are generally around B500 a night. Big enough for a queen sized bed but generally, not much more. Two of the resorts do offer a unit with the option of separate rooms and we can make enquiries on your behalf, if required.

Eating out and meals at a local restaurant starts at B30 for a one plate dish and rice.

There is no transport in town besides the public busses that run between Kanchanaburi and Dan Chang. But there are bicycles for hire and there are both car and motorcycle hire companies in Kanchanaburi which is no more than an hour away.

If you give us prior warning we will arrange for you to join a discussion group and visit a local school to assist with English classes, talking and interacting with the students.

Then once you return home if you are still interested in volunteering, you can help mentor our web workshop. No special skills required other than spoken English and a sense of purpose.

This is where we are building simple web sites. Where we can do with all the help we can get, correcting English, marketing, link building and just discussing everything we are adding, presenting and doing. It is an ideas factory.

And if you would like more information please contact us hereĀ 

But if you would prefer to make a donation, every little bit helps to convince another potential work from home entrepreneur that they too can make a difference.

Please feel free to make comments. Tell usĀ  where we have got things wrong, where we spell stuff wrong and especially where Google translate mixes everything up.

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