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This is our first discussion session where we are going to start practicing and speaking English. But it will be pointless unless we are also going to use the skills we learn.

So this course will be more than just learning what to say and how to say it. We will look for ways to contact, engage and interact with people who speak English as their home language.

To start we will discuss our community, the local restaurants and the homestays in town where people can find accommodation. We will discuss termite mushrooms, why they are popular and attractions like the Saturday morning market which visitors might be interested in.

We must write everything down and translate what we have written from English into Thai and from Thai into English.

To use this as content to create web pages that we post on and other web sites. To start advertising our town and our area as a destination that welcomes tourists who are interested in experiencing a simple life and country food.

We want them to join these discussion groups.

We want them to tell us about their home countries and their travels. We want them to help us to improve our language skills. We want them to help us to advertise Nong Prue as a tourist destination for the benefit of our community and to create opportunities for local people to start up new businesses.

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