The rustic wooden house

I have got to make myself useful. This before my Dad will allow me to get a cell phone.

One thing I can do, is to speak English. So I am organising a discussion group once a week, for anyone who wants to practice their English, at our rustic wooden house.

Please feel free to make comments  where we get things wrong, where we spell stuff wrong and especially where Google translate mixes everything up.

Courses Kanchanaburi

A slight change in direction.

Nothing ever goes according to plan. Especially in Thailand.

English teachers in Kanchanaburi

I have just done a search on Google for English courses in Kanchanaburi and besides English Plus drew a blank. I know nothing about them nor any of the other schools offering courses and classes to teach people who want to learn and improve their language skills.

If there is anyone interested in learning how to run and manage a WordPress web site I could do with some help.
I run an online workshop incubating small home run businesses and although it is probably unlikely, there might be an opportunity, to do something locally.

Vocabulary – Located

In a particular place.
Where it can be found

“these popular apartments are centrally located”

“the hotel is located next to the river”

“I looked in the dark till I located the batteries”

To Locate – to find (in a particular place)